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On February 21, thirty people attended St. Christopher's Chapel for the first Chinese service. The Reverend Carlos J. Caguiat presided. "Jesus Loves Me This I Know" and "Onward Christian Soldiers" were sung during the service.

Many of the Spanish-speaking residents moved out of the neighborhood. Trinity Church decided to close St. Christopher¡¦s Chapel. On May 2, St. Christopher's Chapel had its last service. The Chinese congregation moved to Trinity Church.


The Right Reverend Paul Moore Jr. launched "Mission 72" at his installation as 13th Bishop of New York. The Reverend Paul Tong of the Diocese of Hong Kong and Macau was seconded to develop a mission project in New York Chinatown. Besides providing pastoral care to the Chinese membership of the former St. Christopher's Chapel, the project sponsored several outreach programs to service the Chinese new immigrants, notably, the Chinatown Health Clinic and the Chinatown Manpower Project. The Reverend Paul Tong returned to his home diocese at the end of the year.


The Reverend Albany To, an Anglican missionary, was appointed Bishop Vicar for Chinese Affairs. He called together an ecumenical task force of Maryknoll missionaries and Episcopal religious to spearhead a new Chinatown Mission at 48 Henry Street.

The Maryknoll Transfiguration Kindergarten, the first full day pre-school in New York Chinatown, was born.

The Chapel of Our Savior was reopened for Sunday Services, cradling a new congregation of immigrant Chinese worshippers.


Chinatown Mission, Inc. was officially incorporated with The Reverend Albany To as its President and The Right Reverend Paul Moore Jr. as Chairman of the Board. Besides parenting numerous outreach programs to minister to the people of the neighborhood, the corporation assumed full responsibility financially and spiritually for the nurture and development of the congregation worshipping in the Chapel of Our Savior.


Mission Graphics, the publishing arm of Chinatown Mission, Inc., was founded. Mr. David Fung became the Chief Editor of its first bilingual publication, "The Chinese Episcopalian", which served as a communication tool among all the Chinese Episcopal congregations across the country.


To meet the urgent need of the growing Episcopal Chinese congregations in the United States, Mission Graphics began the translation of the 1978 Book of Common Prayer into Chinese.


Mission Graphics published the first batch of Chinese-English bilingual service booklets for use by all Episcopal Chinese churches in the country: The Holy Eucharist, Morning Prayer, Holy Baptism/Confirmation, Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage and the Burial of the Dead.


Under the lay leadership of Mr. Leon Hong and Mr. Peter Ng, the Chapel of Our Savior's congregation became the Church of Our Savior.

The Reverend Charles Chan, newly graduated from Nashotah House, served as Priest-in-Charge for one year.

Responding to the call of the national church, the Church of Our Savior started its refugee ministry.


The Church of Our Savior was officially admitted to the Diocese of New York as a Mission congregation. The Reverend Franco Kwan served as Priest-in-Charge of the congregation for the ensuing three years.


The Reverend Albany To and Mr. Peter Ng presented the plan of the new church building complex to the Diocesan Council.


The Church of Our Savior was granted Parish status at the 1987 Diocesan Convention. The Reverend Albany To was called to be its first Rector.


Having obtained the approval from the Diocese of New York who held the deeds to the property at 46-50 Henry Street, The Reverend Albany To negotiated with Mr. Tommy Lee of Target Three Associates to replace the three old tenements with a new church sanctuary, a community center and a tower of apartments.

During the reconstruction of 48 Henry Street, The Reverend Errol Harvey, Rector, and the Vestry of St. Augustine's Church very generously gave shelter to the Parish of Our Savior. For three years, the two congregations worshipped in the same sanctuary on Sundays and shared office spaces on weekdays.

Mr. Peter Ng volunteered full-time to assist The Reverend Albany To, managing the parish affairs as well as the new building construction.


On November 18, at 2:00 p.m. The Right Reverend Richard Grein laid the cornerstone for the new Church of Our Savior; The Right Reverend Paul Moore Jr. laid the cornerstone for Bishop Paul Moore Tower.


In commemoration of the close relationship of the two parishes, St. Augustine's Church gifted Church of Our Savior the twelve-foot Christus Rex to be permanently displayed at the new church vestibule.

On April 26, The Right Reverend Paul Moore Jr. opened the new facilities of the Church of Our Savior for services and dedicated the Bishop Paul Moore Tower. On November 29, The Right Reverend Richard Grein officially dedicated the church sanctuary and the Bishop Richard F. Grein Community Center.

The Richard F. Grein Jubilee Community Center was established. At the request of the Vestry, Mr. Peter Ng accepted the position of Community Center Director. The Church of Our Savior was privileged enough to be the first Asian American Jubilee Community Center.

Mr. Peter Ng founded ECOSERVE, the computer ministry of the Church of Our Savior.

At the Diocesan Convention, The Right Reverend Richard Grein awarded The Reverend Albany To the Bishop's Cross in recognition of his distinguished service in the Diocese.

Mr. Tennyson Leung, a parishioner of another Chinese church in the community, together with Mr. Robert Nelson, who started his career in New York City, organized an English-speaking Youth Fellowship called L.I.F.E Fellowship (Living In Faith Everyday). The group attracted youngsters from the neighborhood to the Church of Our Savior and strengthened the bonds of existing youth and young adult members.


After twenty years of faithful ministry in Chinatown, The Reverend Albany To retired, leaving the Parish a legacy of powerful lay ministry, which was entirely responsible for the continuing growth and development of the Parish's ministry for the next ten years.

Mr. Peter Ng assumed the position as Director of Bishop Grein's Community Center and Parish Manager.

The Reverend Dr. Winston Ching was invited to be the Parish's Pastoral Consultant, who was to co-ordinate a Pastoral Team of supply clergy to maintain the Eucharist on Sundays, including The Reverend David Barrie, Brother Clark Berge, SSF, the Reverend Craig Bustrin, The Reverend Barbara Crafton, The Reverend Mary Grambsch, The Reverend Philip Wong, and The Reverend Carmen Guerrero.

The Church of Our Savior and St. Vincent's Hospital jointly organized the first annual Chinatown Heath Fair, thus beginning eleven years of partnership and friendship.


The Jubilee Youth Chorale was established in February. Its birth was the realization of a dream for many people, some from the Jubilee Community Center at the Episcopal Church of Our Savior as well as several professional musicians. Under the direction of the ensemble's first Director and Founder Celia Ong, Program Director Peter Ng, and Founding Administrator Tina Chan, young choristers were provided with the opportunity for ensemble music-making, disciplined learning experience and cultural development. Their concert tours included Washington/Virginia (1996), California (1997), and Brazil (2000). In 1999, they sang for America Cancer Society's fundraising event. They sang for the Consecration Services of Bishop Catherine Roskam (1996) and Bishop Mark Sisk (1998). They also participated in the "1997 A Concert For Peace" and performed in a fundraising concert for National Jubilee Ministry in Denver, Colorado at the 2000 General Convention.


L.I.F.E Fellowship and Seed Fellowship were combined to form Vineyard Fellowship - a bilingual youth fellowship.


The Jubilee Preschool started in Spring.


The Right Reverend Richard Grein awarded Mr. Peter Ng the Bishop's Cross at the Diocesan Convention in recognition of his distinguished service to the Parish, the Diocese and the National Church.

The Friday Evening Bible Study group officially started. Sessions were facilitated by members on a rotational basis, with an emphasis on sharing.

The Jubilee Summer School started in the summer.

The Episcopal Asiamerica Ministry Annual Consultation took place in NewYork City. One of the Eucharists was held at the Church of Our Savior, with Bishop Richard Grein as the Chief Celebrant and concelebrated by the then Bishop Coadjutor Mark Sisk, Bishop Walter Dennis, and Bishop E. Don Taylor.


The Reverend Canon Carmen Guerrero led a Summer Parish Retreat at the Warwick Retreat Center in upstate New York. The theme was "Let's Go!!! Go and Trust, Go and Tell, Go and Do".

The Diocese of Southwestern Brazil and the Church of Our Savior formed a Companionship.

In November, parishioners Ms. Yun Deng (mezzo-soprano, formerly of the Metropolitan Opera) and Mr. Samuel Cheung (pianist) were joined by the Jubilee Youth Chorale in a benefit recital for St. Margaret's House at the historical St. Paul's Chapel on Fulton Street.

The Church of Our Savior joined with the First Chinese Presbyterian Church and the Chinese United Methodist Church in presenting "An Advent Festival of Lessons & Carols" with readers and choirs from three congregations in the neighborhood.


Led by The Reverend Mary Grambsch, the Parish Summer Retreat took place at the Warwick Retreat Center. The theme was "Three Cheers: Rejoice, Give Thanks & Pray".

In order to provide additional space for community outreach programs and church functions, the Vestry decided to expand the number of classrooms and storage space by converting the 2-story high gymnasium into two floors. The construction work began in September of 2000.


The Jubilee Community Center started the Gateway Program for adults, offering Computer and English classes. In the Fall, the Jubilee Afterschool Program started for children.

The Summer Parish Retreat took place at the Wainwright House in Rye, NY. The Reverend Dr. Lynn Collins was the keynote speaker. The theme was "Here I Am, Lord - Responding to God's Call For You".

On September 11th, Our Savior was opened for people fleeing the collapsing towers of WTC to make phone calls, wash up and pray. Our Savior participated in relief efforts by providing food to relief workers stationing at the Seamen's Church Institute.

An ecumenical memorial service was held for the victims of the WTC terrorist attack at the First Chinese Presbyterian Church.


The Jubilee Community Center established the Jubilee Youth Program, offering afterschool programs and Saturday classes to assist teenagers in their school work.

The Reverend Charles Chan led the Summer Parish Retreat at the Liebenzell Retreat House in Schooley's Mountain, NJ. The theme was "I Love You Lord - Trusting God In Times of Adversity".

The First Anniversary Memorial Service for the WTC terrorist attack was held at the Church of Our Savior, joined by the First Chinese Presbyterian Church.


On April 26, The Right Reverend Mark Sisk, Bishop of New York, presided at the Celebration of the New Ministry of The Reverend Charles Chan as Priest-In-Charge.

More than 100 children enrolled in the Jubilee Summer Camp. The program was very well-received by parents and students alike.

The 2003 Retreat was cancelled because of the major Northeast Blackout.

The Girl Scout Chapter #3056 was established in early October at the Church of Our Savior.

On Sunday, October 26 at four o'clock in the evening, the Church of Our Savior celebrated its blessed thirty years of ministry, service and witness. The Right Reverend E. Don Taylor was the Principal Celebrant at the Eucharist, joined by The Reverend Winston Ching, The Reverend Franco Kwan, The Reverend Peter Lam, and The Reverend Philip Wong as Con-Celebrants. The Reverend Albany To, Our Savior's beloved Founding Rector, preached on this special occasion.

During the Anniversary Celebration Banquet, the Church of Our Savior honored three individuals and one service organization. The St. Cecilia¡¦s Award was presented to Ms. Celia Ong for her dedicated service and witness through music.

The St. Ives' Award was presented to James Lee, Esq. for his professional assistance and unfailing suport of the ministry of Our Savior. The St. Luke's Award was presented to Dr. Ann-Marie Wong for her role in saving the life of Brandon Dorrington during the summer of 2003. The St. Timothy's Award was presented to the St. Vincent's Hostipal Manhattan in honor of the partnership in mission and the eleven years of collaboration in organizing the Chinatown Health Fair. The Diocese of New York also presented the Reverend Albany To with a citation, commending him on his many years of service and contribution. The banquet was attended by more than 200 people.

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